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  • It also has zero stretch, meaning bite detection and casting accuracy are improved, and there’s less drag in the water, so a lighter tip can be used when there’s an undertow, or on rivers.
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    , AgriLife Extension aquaculture specialist, College Station, said many landowners believe simply adding fish to a pond will result in a healthy and sustainable fish population.

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    Sit-on or clamp-on automatic fish feeders.

  • New AI algorithm could level the playing field for countries with historically “data poor” fisheries, quickly.
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    Flat-topped aquariums with lid flaps may already have a hole for an automatic feeder, or you could make a hole, or remove one of the lid flaps and place the feeder so.

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    Cyclops can be fed to fry as well as adult fish, and make a good quality high protein meal.

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    Synodontis Catfish.